The KHBA co-ordinates a recycling depot to reduce litter and to promote a sustainable planet, as well as to provide employment to staff members. The site is a collection point from which recyclers collect material for recycling.

Please note the centre is not a RUBBISH DUMP. A surveillance camera is in operation and offenders will be traced and fined. Please take rubbish to the Marianhill Landfill Site.

Location: Delamore Road (next to Sizakala Centre and Hillcrest Library

Opening times:
Open Monday to Friday : 8am – 4pm (closed 12pm-1pm)
Open Saturday 08H30 – 12H30
Open Sunday 11H30 – 15H30
Open Public Holidays 11H30 – 15H30

We are a collection point for:
Paper and cardboard
Polystyrene (from large appliances)
Cans and tins Bottle and jar glass. NB: For our staff’s safety, please do not bring broken glass, crockery or plate glass windows.

We do NOT collect:
Plastic – We no longer accept plastic.
Electronics – Please take to Incredible Connection at Watercrest Mall, or Electronic Waste Recycling centre at Pavilion
Fluorescent light tubes – Their mercury content makes these a hazardous waste which must be safely disposed of at a hazardous waste site. Contact:
Batteries – Please take to Powerzone (was Enertec Batteries, in Hillgate Centre, Old Main Road, opposite KFC and MacDonalds)
Asbestos – For advice on how to handle, dispose of and recycle asbestos, please visit this link here.

Poverty alleviation The Recycling Centre provides employment to three staff members, who receive 90% of the income derived from recycling.

Report dumping Please report any dumping of rubbish to the authorities (031 303 1665 from 07h30 – 16h00), preferably with a picture/vehicle registration number.

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