The KHBA co-ordinates a recycling depot to reduce litter and to promote a sustainable planet, as well as to provide employment to staff members. The site is a collection point from which recyclers collect material for recycling.

Please note the centre is not a RUBBISH DUMP. A surveillance camera is in operation and offenders will be traced and fined. Please take rubbish to the Marianhill Landfill Site.

Location: Delamore Road (next to Sizakala Centre and Hillcrest Library

Opening times:
Open Monday to Friday : 8am – 4pm (closed 12pm-1pm)
Open Saturday 08H30 – 12H30
Open Sunday 11H30 – 15H30
Open Public Holidays 11H30 – 15H30

We are a collection point for:
Paper and cardboard
Polystyrene (from large appliances)
Cans and tins Bottle and jar glass. NB: For our staff’s safety, please do not bring broken glass, crockery or plate glass windows.

We do NOT collect:
Plastic – We no longer accept plastic.
Electronics – Please take to Incredible Connection at Watercrest Mall, or Electronic Waste Recycling centre at Pavilion
Fluorescent light tubes – Their mercury content makes these a hazardous waste which must be safely disposed of at a hazardous waste site. Contact:
Batteries – Please take to Powerzone (was Enertec Batteries, in Hillgate Centre, Old Main Road, opposite KFC and MacDonalds)

Poverty alleviation The Recycling Centre provides employment to three staff members, who receive 90% of the income derived from recycling.

Report dumping Please report any dumping of rubbish to the authorities (031 303 1665 from 07h30 – 16h00), preferably with a picture/vehicle registration number.

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