The Keep Hillcrest Beautiful association is a voluntary association that aims to promote a cleaner and more beautiful environment in co-operation with the relevant authorities within Hillcrest and to raise the level of awareness of what each individual can do to improve his or her community and reduce litter.


We aim to maintain the natural beauty in and around Hillcrest. Our volunteers tackle issues such as littering, graffiti, invasive alien plants, illegal signage, and try to promote beautiful verges.

With the capacity for service delivery stretched to the limit in many parts of eThekwini, our KHBA volunteers do what they can to assist the municipality in maintaining Hillcrest as an attractive and appealing destination.

We appeal to residents, companies and organisations to keep their home and work areas clean and litter-free.

We are also socially concerned and provide employment through projects in order to alleviate, to some small extent, the poverty with which we are surrounded in Hillcrest.

Anyone can join the Keep Hillcrest Beautiful Association; download the Application form here.

The Keep Hillcrest Beautiful Association is a not-for-profit organisation (NPO number 055-202), constituted in 2006 and registered with the Department of Welfare.