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GRAFFITI removal

Graffiti is both unsightly and a sign of urban decay which is why the KHBA works tirelessly to remove graffiti as soon as possible. Please go to the link Contact Us to report graffiti to the authorities.

MAINTAINING verges in Hillcrest

We employ two gardening staff members to maintain and weed the verges of Old Main Road in Hillcrest.

Past projects included the clean-up of the “Welcome to Hillcrest” sign, planting of a cycad and verge clean-ups in problem areas.

KHBA is responsible for maintaining the section between Nkutu Road and Centenary Lane (near Oxford Centre). Note that the section from Centenary road to the M13 Hillcrest offramp is the responsibility of eThekwini Department of Parks and Gardens..


Litter is an ongoing problem and KHBA encourages and supports any initiative that reduces litter.

REMOVE illegal signage

The Municipality has strict criteria for signs erected in public places. Signs and posters must be officially stamped to indicate that permission has been granted. Illegal signs, such as cardboard signs at intersections, can only be removed by approved contractors.

REMOVAL of invasive alien plants

Invasive alien plants threaten our biodiversity, our water resources, our agricultural productivity and may be harmful to animal and human health. The KHBA actively removes IAP’s on the Hillcrest verges, and promotes indigenous planting to promote biodiversity. Educate yourself and your garden staff about invasive alien plants – removing just one adult Chromolaena plant will prevent a million seeds from spreading.

SUPPORT Elizabeth Park

The Elizabeth Road Park in Westriding is a lovely park for bird-watching and dog-walking. There is a maintained path on the edge, and the natural grasslands in the centre encourage birds and wildlife. The little river feeds into the Camelot Conservancy and the Springside Nature Reserve. 
Efforts are always needed to maintain the park infrastructure, plant trees and clear invasive aliens.

VERGE awards

Residents and businesses are encouraged to maintain and beautify their road verges. A competition is held every six months (summer and winter) to promote beautiful and tidy verges with an annual winner selected for residential and Commercial properties. Contact Us to nominate a worthy verge.

Past winners are:
2012: 10 Edward Road, Westriding; Vauneen and Dave – Shell Service Station; Annetjie and Gerald van Staden of Homestead Ave, Hillcrest.
2013: Commercial Verge of the Year (2013) – Longmynd
2013 – Msasa Books, Hillcrest
2014: Commercial Verge of the Year (2014) – Marriott
2015: Annual winner for 2015 – Lillies Quarter
2015: Winter winner – Musa and Gaby Ndwandwe of 13 Hilltop Road. 
2016 Summer winner- 19 Shortlands Avenue.

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